At last I found a great chiropractor! You got my back in shape in the fastest amount of time than anyone else i have ever gone to. I thank you, thank you, Thank you!

— George E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Domzalski for over 15 years. During this time, his treatments have been of great help to me in maintaining a lower back free of pain. As an avid golfer I am able to play without any discomfort. This is a big plus for me. When I arrive for my appointment, i am warmly greeted by his receptionist. I have never had to wait for more than a few minutes for treatment. I would highly recomment his services to anyone requiring chiropractic treatment.

— Anthony V.

Appointments are always on time – no waiting. Good listener and attentive to the problem. Had a positive impact on my back pain.

— Bonnie V.

Dr. Domzalski has successfully treated my chronic back condition on more than one occasion. His treatments have allowed me to avoid back surgery. I find Dr. Jim to be knowledgeable, highly professional, friendly, and very competent. He listens and explains the treatment. The office is friendly. Appointments are easy to schedule and are on time.

— Bob S.

I have been to various chiropractors in the Venice area. No one has given me the immediate relief that Dr. Domzalski has.

– Cheryl V.

Over ten years ago I came to see Dr. D. for the first time. My neurologist had about given up on helping me with my back pain. He wanted me to see a surgeon. I could not stand up straight and lived on muscle relaxers. After three weeks of treatments with Dr. D. I was off the pills and in nine weeks I was standing up straight. I have been a patient ever since and I highly recommend him to anyone.

— Linda E.

What i Like about James Domzalski DC is that he gets right to the problem. I never met this man before I entered his office. He recommends practical solutions that are tailored to your needs. His verbal communication matches his non-verbal communication that gives his sincere interest in his patient. I like his no-ninsense approach to solving your problem. I am lucky to have found this no-nonsense chiropractor.

— Joe V.

Dr. Domzalski has been able to keep me at a comfort level, to be able to do things I could not do before having acupuncture. I am very thankful for his expertise and professionalism. Without his help i would be having to ask for assistance with normal activities. I am very thanful for getting back my better way of life.

— Laurie N.